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Thomas T
15. January 2024 19:08

I love my Tudor 79190 that I found in a local pawn shop a few years ago. It was affordable compared to a Rolex sub. I wanted a sub and already have a Rolex, a 116233 TT DJ so a Tudor fit the bill. I wear it more often than the DJ…

Pete Campbell
15. January 2024 2:15

Very knowledgeable

14. January 2024 21:00

I have and would choose the Tudor over the Rolex. I’m not really a big fan of fashion watches.

Honorio Lim Jr
13. January 2024 2:43

What happened to the Tudor Prince Hydronaut? It was the first Tudor to break the mold on the case design. It had a deeply protected crown by a claw like shroud.

Jorg Weppelink
17. January 2024 14:24
Reply to  Honorio Lim Jr

The Tudor Prince Date “Hydronaut” was first introduced in 1998 as the follow-up to the Tudor Submariners. As you said, the case was completely different with rounder shapes and stand-out crown guards. In 1999 the watch was rebranded the Tudor Hydronaut with an updated dial design. On top of that, there were quite a few dial colors available. In 2007, it was replaced by the rather eccentric Hydronaut II with references 20030 and 20040 that featured different bezels. Those were replaced in 2010 by the Hydronaut II ref. 20060 that was eventually replaced by the Tudor Black Bay in 2012 that marked the new future direction for Tudor. Hope this helps!