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Donny Bobocel
25. January 2023 0:48

Ever since my interesst in watches develpoed there has been a real conflict I have with conventional views mostly surrounding two models, the Patek Nautilus and the AP Royal Oak. I may indeed be a little on my own on this obiously, but two more hideous watches I have not seen. Especially the AP, its induces near convulsion, like watching Magnum PI on endless loop with no escape. It is the very example of dated design and it doesnt seem to have ever been a clever or creative design. This of course only applies to asthetic, and in no way is a critique of the inernals of either of these watches as they still represent fine engineering and technical ablity, it just that they are to me, the most hideous things.

klaas akkerman
22. January 2023 14:36

It is unusual that Pateks are such a good investment.I have owned two for over a decade.Both in white gold so their appearance is quite subtle.They never get recognised and most people have never heard of Patek