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Greg Clark
11. January 2023 1:32

It is ironic and an oxymoron to mention a luxury watch and its classification of being in vogue. Is a buyer of a watch forced to select a watch in loyal opposition, depending on if it is currently in vogue or not? A watch, whether it is a moon phase or other some other dominant feature, is judged by its ability to stand the test of time regarding its design and functionality. Whether a watch is currently in vogue matters very little, in the bigger picture.

10. January 2023 22:42

I have one moon phase watch.
Stronger said, i wear it on my wrist when writing the comment.
I bought the watch for it’s moon phase.
Reason is, i was curious how a watch can point the phases of the moon.
Sure, with a computer it is also possible to search for moon phases, but when a mechanical watch can do it with it’s gears of metal, it is a different thing. Pure without using electric power from a poison batterie, forever giving the phases of the moon with the power of moving your own arm.
For me there is no other solution than the power of a mechanical watch.
Ones you wear them, chrono24 is a great source to discover what else can hug your wrist.
Watches are no luxury, watches are the fluid of life.

Allan Smith
10. January 2023 22:37

Longine’s Moonphase watches are also stunners