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29. November 2023 18:39

Some years ago I recall seeing a watch ad in a magazine using a certain celebrity as the face for the brand, which convinced me to absolutely never purchase the timepiece, and in fact I never purchased anything from the brand, too bad really since there is a specific watch I really want bearing their name. While we cannot help the fact that we, as consumers, may share certain things with “celebrities”, i.e. watches in this case, I go out of my way to avoid those products with “celebrity” endorsement or association*. I would rather the company save the advertising money to fuel these irrelevant persons and devote it to a worthy cause or something more creative and run an ad on that. (*Steve McQueen would be the exception)

29. November 2023 8:29

Excellent article. Interesting. Fascinating.

28. November 2023 22:55

Clapton is a true English Gentleman. Classy and generous