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Mike Nafziger
27. February 2024 3:37

I have both Longines and Tudors. As mentioned by the author, it comes down to personal preference. For me, I had the Pro on my list for awhile, but got the Black Bay GMT with black dial. Just a classic look with the Pepsi bezel. Love it. Part of my likes the white dial, but everything sort of blends together. For me the black is easier to read at a glance. It’s big and chunky but I like that.

Rob Yardumian
31. January 2024 3:24

Farer Lander GMT would like a word.

Joe Gonzalez
19. April 2024 22:14
Reply to  Rob Yardumian


30. January 2024 0:23

All I know is that I’m in love with the tudor looks. Bonus…when I decide to sell it I won’t lose money. I own both brands and have respect for longines

27. January 2024 10:56

I just don’t like these articles that promise an objective comparison and deliver nothing but the obvious.

26. January 2024 17:35

Longines is better or the same across any criteria you throw at it. Size, movement, accuracy, price, bezel (bidirectional vs fixed on Tudor which doesn’t make sense a GMT watch).

26. January 2024 12:45

I recently compared these two watches – the Spirit Zulu Time and the Black Bay Pro. I ended up with the 39mm Zulu Time, and one of the biggest dealbreakers for me was the thickness of the Black Bay Pro. The lower price on the Zulu Time then made it a no-brainer!

26. January 2024 1:46

An insightful glance in to the two brands and a balanced comparison which makes me want to investigate the Longines more!

26. January 2024 1:08

The Longines certainly compete. I prefer the looks of them too, particularly the titanium options. And you can’t beat the price of the Longines.

Brian King
25. January 2024 22:39

It didn’t answer one question for me. I know that the bezel on the Tudor Black Bay GMT is aluminium. What about the Longines. Are any of the GMT bezels ceramic? This will determine my choice.

26. January 2024 12:42
Reply to  Brian King

The Spirit Zulu Time has a ceramic bezel.

Jorg Weppelink
26. January 2024 17:13
Reply to  Brian King

The bezel inserts on both the Spirit Zulu Time and the HydroConquest GMT are ceramic indeed.