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29. December 2022 14:17

As a previous owner of a submariner.
After a few years I traded it in for a sea dweller. It’s like comparing a 4 runner trd pro to a jeep. There’s no comparison between the 2 with regards to durability and longevity.
Why anyone would buy a submariner vs a sea dweller is beyond ­čĄö me.

29. December 2022 15:55
Reply to  Rjc

Bc, they look and feel very different?

Eugene Ellis
28. December 2022 14:09

I love my Celini moonscape as a dress watch Swiss with a touch of Italian style added gone up 40 per cent in 18 months my other watch is a Roger Federer work horse gold / steel a eye catcher

Tariq Sheikh
26. December 2022 15:36

Personally, I think two-tone watches represent great value and can sometimes be had under list price.