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Alex Porfirenko
4. January 2023 19:37

Seiko Alpinist?

Barbara Korp
5. January 2023 10:51

Seiko is amazing – but not a Swiss watch and therefore not included in this selection. However – great that you pointed it out!

9. March 2023 17:41
Reply to  Barbara Korp

Doesn’t matter if Swiss watch or not, Japan are the best, and Seiko Alpinist a watch beater to Rolex Explorer 1, for only 600€ (and not 6000€-7000€)

Tariq Sheikh
26. December 2022 15:33

Perhaps an Oyster Perpetual or Smiths, just like on the first ascent

Barbara Korp
28. December 2022 19:56
Reply to  Tariq Sheikh

I really like your ideas. Personally, I mainly wear my Norqain as I trust in it and it feels great on my wrist. So whatever makes you feel good, safe and ready for nature works