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P Dale
26. May 2024 2:19

Not for the ordinary man in the street but certainly something to aspire to

22. May 2024 3:54

Great article

Stephen Timms
16. May 2024 22:33

I have always wanted a Patek Philippe Calatrava in gold with a white face and Roman numerals. Now I have bought one in perfect condition with its original papers. It is the traditional 33mm and small by current watch standards. However, watches have become ridiculously big and fashions change.
My other watch is a Breitling Bentley Chronograph, which is a relief when it comes off my wrist, it is so heavy. Best of both worlds!
The article is fair in its plaudits and criticisms.

16. May 2024 21:38

The Neptune was the first Patek I wanted to own when I saw it in the showroom. Eventually bought one 20 years ago. Still have it and had it recently serviced at Patek. Sits alongside my 5130 and 5320 as the perfect trio, sports/travel/perpetual calendar

Nancy Steon
16. May 2024 21:19

These watches in terms of technical materials and looks are no better than any other brand such as Cartier, Omega, and Rolex. Patek Philippe
Gets away with highway murder simply because of the collectors who pursue certain watches. The general public is so unaware of what they do, but it’s not worth the money. Cartier and Omega are just as good and sometimes better.

16. May 2024 21:41
Reply to  Nancy Steon

I disagree. The quality of manufacture is vastly different. Whilst I feel Omega is marginally better than Rolex (I have a Seamaster and did have a GMT Master) neither hold a candle to Patek or Vacheron.