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Wrist Shotter
15. May 2024 17:57

The SD4K is the pinnacle of contemporary Rolex tool watch design. 40mm case, matt / satin maxi dial, date without cyclops, ceramic bezel that’s fully marked, cheap maintain 3135 movement, glide lock clasp and general 6 digit quality. I have an old 5 digit SD and this – One of Rolex’s best jobs in modernising a reference.

13. October 2023 18:46

I have owned both and I wish I had my old aluminum bezel Sea Dweller because it is a beefy looking man’s watch. The Submariner is exactly what you said it was a desk jockeys watch and a status symbol. The main reason I changed was because the Sea Dweller doesn’t come with a blue dial. I have the two tone Submariner with a blue dial and I have the best of both worlds and I even got my scuba diving certification with it on my wrist so it does serve my needs for a dress watch that is functional as well. If I had to do it all over again today I would definitely pick either watch but only with the aluminum bezel. I simply don’t like the ceramic bezel watches and I can’t believe Rolex doesn’t listen to it’s customer base because I don’t know anyone who says they prefer the look of the ceramic @

5. October 2023 3:17

Very informative and interesting. I am a fan of all Rolex sports watches and have been interested in the Sea Dweller for several years due to its impressive history w/ James Camerons deep dives.

30. September 2023 3:57

I have the James Cameron. Feels great on my arm.