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Dennis Meehan
16. February 2024 5:27

Forgot to mention. 1972 142 movement 2 center lugs.

Dennis Meehan
16. February 2024 5:23

Enjoyed your article. It is great news to hear Breitling have taken over the brand. Gerald Genta appears from what I can see to have put it on the map with quite a number of styles that we have become familiar with. However, he also did many custom designs also and one can hope some of these might get reproduced by Breitling. I have one such dress watch with all the Genta hallmarks. It is full on 18k gold with step down bezel, and more. It is pure elegance. I would be happy to send you a photo of you are interested for your thoughts. Just had it serviced by one of our luxury watch makers here in Sydney.

Fernando Martins
14. February 2024 18:37

Very interesting and full of hopes!….

Rob Dyson
14. February 2024 17:19

Excellent. A brand I’d not heard of, enlightening and I love the Tri-Compax thank you

Jens Dierssen
14. February 2024 16:18

Very informative

Ken Mosley
14. February 2024 13:27

I have had a Polerouter in my collection for many years. It is an absolute gem and the 215 movement with micro rotor is an engineering masterpiece.

Ivor Davis
14. February 2024 6:30

Nostalgia! Around the late1950s my father had two watches that I remember – one a Breitling chronograph & the other a UG Polerouter that was similar to the model pictured. As a 15 year old, I was mesmerized by the complications of the Breitling & by the bold colours of the Polerouter. Unfortunately, neither were found after his death but luckily, I inherited his passion for interesting watches.

14. February 2024 3:26

I liked the description and it happens I have a Universal Genève Polerouter, so I hope for the best for UG.

13. February 2024 23:01

To wear a vintage watch feels very special for me.
Before i had no clue what it was?
I wore only new bought watches, and i thought that was the way to go.

Universal Geneva is a good entry into the vintage world.
Girard Perregaux and Enicar for example proof that there is a treasure box to explore.

My vintage watch contains a movement from A Schild, and it amaze me that it is very accurate.
The hue of the dial blends well to the patina on the hands. It lives, and it wear very light and comfortable.
When i look at my modern watches, i must laugh why i like my old not water resistance watch with all that wear so much.
The watch is at the right owner, ready for more years watch enthusiasm.

Michael Crimi
13. February 2024 22:38

I love the UG Compax, especially the Evil Nina ! The quintessential chrono of all time

Jorge Robles
13. February 2024 21:56

This IMHO, reads me more like an Introduction to the Topic of Universal Geneve Acquisition by Breitling than an article. The story lacks many things, like for example the period when UG was part of Bulova in the 1960s, or the several other calibers, specially Chrono ones, for which UG is mostly Recognized- Calibers 281, 285 and 289, plus its many derivatives, and how UG started to go down when it started to use Calibers from Valjoux, stuff like that. I myself use to own several UG watches and one Chrono, the Tri-Compax equipped with Cal 285 that I lamentably sold coz could not find parts for it, but was fully functional working conditions. I still have one microrotor movement branded Bulova, but no case/dial. That brand have always been a High Quality one, that if it had the Marketing mechanism of Rolex, would be way above many other, newer brands for its innovation and quality. It is good that Breitling is stepping up and bought UG coz if some could properly revive UG, that is Breitling!!!!

Geoff Moffett
13. February 2024 21:38

Great to see recognition of this famous brand. Searching for a vintage watch I was struck by the design and the stunning movement of the microrotor dress watches. I now own a square face 18k Golden Shadow ultra slim, rare and beautiful! More impressive I suggest than other brands of the era including Vacheron Constantin and Rolex.

15. February 2024 16:35
Reply to  Geoff Moffett

Agreed. Happy that you liked it, Geoff!