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melih özçelik
30. September 2023 11:53

my first watch was Technos.

28. September 2023 23:23

My first watch was Timex hand winding diver,then Mortima
third TISSOT seastar .
7 th was TAG heuer 2000 serie silver dial!
8th TAG ,
Lost tracking!!!

Christoph F Schaer
28. September 2023 16:51

my first watch was a Tissot Seastar, of which I kept box and papers when I got into secondary school, still running strong!!
I keep and service all watches in most original conditions, with documentation, boxes and most importantly I wear them all at specific occasion.
My collection rose with inheritance and gifts to (but not limited): Rolex (Trenchwatch 1915) and Rolex GMT II) Jaeger pocket watch 1875, Omega Grand Prix with Box 1905 (amazing how this piece keeps exact time and was never serviced) as well as a Sensor Quartz, a Seamaster to Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Rectangular or JLC Atmos etc. ; the Casio I used while servicing in the army is still gong strong…
Amazing how the industry and watchmaking arts evolved, and I am fascinated as much by mechanical watches as well as quartz, electronic watches as well.

18. October 2023 12:06

What a nice watch collection journey! Thank you for sharing it 🙂

Jan willem
26. September 2023 19:06

The world does not exist only by highend brands like Rolex, AP, Omega, I do not understand that you pay so litlle attention to nice brands such as Maurice lacroix, Fortis, Zeno, ect,…

18. October 2023 12:08
Reply to  Jan willem

You are right, Jan. What was your first watch?

Martin Gittings
26. September 2023 10:10

I wore my new Tissot on a fishing trip off the Fiordland coast in NZ. In rough water I slipped, the clasp was struck and broken against the side of the boat and I watched the time piece disappearing into 300m of deep blue water – where it remains intact but forever lost. My love for watches remain unchanged, still taken into wild places but better cared for.

John Santo
26. September 2023 4:44

Very timely article.
My first watch was a gift from an uncle, who’d set it from Switzerland. Promptly lost at age 10.
My first purchase was Seiko quartz chronometer. #2 a dress quartz, also Seiko, as were #’s 3-5. Ten years later, a gifted Movado [fiancé]. #7 another Movado. There have been 10 more in the past 7 years, various brands including Montblanc, Oris, David Yurman, and 3 microbtands.

18. October 2023 12:12
Reply to  John Santo

Thanks for sharing your watch journey with us. It’s always interesting to hear about how people’s collections evolve over time and how different they all are. Enjoy your timepieces!

Howard Tyree
26. September 2023 0:47

I love watches. My first was a tag, then a Rolex. However not many us run with a class of folks who would even know what a VC or a PP watch was or look like.
Your research and article is “dead on” accurate. And I love Chrono 24. You’re the best.

18. October 2023 12:17
Reply to  Howard Tyree

That’s true… not everybody has the pleasure to enjoy a VC or PP. But that just makes the appreciation for them even more special, doesn’t it?
We’re so glad you liked our research and article, and it’s fantastic to hear that you’re a fan of Chrono24. Thanks for the kind words, and here’s to more great times with your watches!

Raymond Perrin
25. September 2023 21:51

I used to own 3 Rolex watches. I sold them because there are so many counterfeit Rolex watches blatantly sold even on main-stream media such as Facebook.

john vann
25. September 2023 21:32

What about a watch that keeps better time that Rolex—OMEGA. I have three R’s and one O and I prefer the O over the R any day.

Juan carlos franco cruz
25. September 2023 21:32

My first watch was seyco 5 when I was 11 year old.
Then Casio, Swatch, omega , Cartier, tag heuer, rolex .actually I have just Tag heuer and Rolex .

Héctor M López
25. September 2023 21:32

Superb information !!

PJ Kirhorn
25. September 2023 21:32

1965 Rolex Date-Just bought from Jon Bull Rolex, Bahamas in 1965.

25. September 2023 21:30

Well you are spot on because my first luxury watch was a Tag Heuer. Currently I have eight watches and, alas, I’m patiently awaiting my first Rolex….on the waiting list.
I really appreciate this type of information, keep up the good work.

18. October 2023 12:19
Reply to  Joe

Happy to hear that! And keep your eyes open, your first Rolex is probably just waiting around the corner 😉

25. September 2023 21:26

It seems I don’t fit much in this report 🙂 first was a datejust, Breitling was my 4th, and got my first TAG Heuer as 13th…but I don’t keep them all, mine has always been 3 a pieces collection

18. October 2023 12:03
Reply to  FilippoB

Seems like you are the exception that proves the rule then 🙂

Edward Prusz
25. September 2023 21:19

I never wanted a Rolex. But then I bought a Longines, Omega, and Breitling, and decided that I had to complete the set by buying a Rolex. I love my Air King!

25. September 2023 21:17

My first was a 1950 Patek Calatrava, bought from a watch dealer friend, about 15 years ago. $3500. I have two 1950s Vacherons, $3000 & $2500. Beautiful and in near perfect condition, and were less than a Patek of that era.