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Simon Howson-Green
22. December 2023 1:31

It’s nice to read a well written piece about a serious watch brand. I’m biased, of course, as I have been a collector of Grand Seiko for almost a decade. I have bought and sold many Rolex watches too. Now I only have two vintage models. I wouldn’t go near a Rolex these days. I’m not a gangster, a slippery banker or a cut price Russian oligarch (often all three are the same) Rolex has shot itself in the foot by trying to be unobtainable and creating an overhyped over heated market for what are essentially well marketed tool watches with, at best, average build quality. The boxes new Rolexes come in are great and the ‘suits you sir’ obsequiousness in a Rolex AD all adds to the glamour but… it’s not really such a great watch. The subs are ok but once the bling pops up it’s all just a little vulgar and tacky. Of course those who crave a Rolex wouldn’t see that. Which is essentially what is wrong with the brand. It’s sold its soul to the wrong kind and I suspect it is now beyond redemption. The Rolex will become a parody of itself. Hence… this article is spot on, if a little obviously coy in saying it: if you like watches but a better quality one than a Rolex and don’t buy a watch for a quick flip. That’s just cheap.